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Burnage library opened in 1974, replacing the previous, fire damaged library. Since then, it has provided the community with an essential service for learning and leisure and has maintained a central position in the community as other council services have eroded over the years.

Locally, it is the last surviving public council facility, which provides an essential resource for young and old alike and we are fighting to stop its merciless closure. Please lend your support our campaign and help keep Burnage library open!

Campaign meetings are public and take place at Burnage Community Centre on Wednesday evenings, 6pm - 8pm until the decision on the consultation on the 17th April 2013.

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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Popping Up Everywhere!

"When I read about the way in which library funds are being cut and cut, I can only think that American society has found one more way to destroy itself." - Isaac Asimov
This afternoon, the Save Burnage Library campaign joined forces with other library campaigns to attend the popup library at Albert Sq. However, due to a last minute change of plans, the popup library had to be moved to Piccadilly Gardens due to the use of Albert Square by the armed forces exhibition.

Luckily, Northenden campaigners informed us, having seen our team holding aloft our banner at the town hall, and we made our way to the new venue. Our march showed off our placards, "Save Burnage  Library" signs to the general public and me with QR Code stickers on my jacket as we made our way there.

It was a sunny day, if not particularly warm. We tacked our signs to the side of the well constructed popup library. An excellent piece of joinery by the Levenshulme team, I must say. Certainly a lot better than I could have done, as evidenced by me hammering my own thumb in true slapstick style. I shall very publicly exhibit my bruise all week to proudly proclaim that "I was there" :-) We also clamped our banner aloft on one side, which publicised our campaigns' "Big Burnage Borrow" event on the 5th and 6th April and the team had many photos snapped by various photographers, campaigners and members of the public.

Some of our very own Save Burnage Library Campaign team
show what we're made ofs
Outside the popup library, stories were being read to children. They sat, cross-legged on the floor, listening intently. Of course, some adults, who obviously couldn't resist a good story joined the younger children in awe and wonder. Inside the popup library there were shelves and stalls with books for users of the popup library to pick up. A number of us brought books which we added to the collection and read a few whilst we were there.

Piccadilly Gardens was occupied by a number of protest groups, not just the library campaigners. It was very busy this afternoon, but this was excellent for us, as it gave use the opportunity to canvas for signatures and the filming of the socialist rally got the popup library in shot. I even heard a sound engineer with a boom mic speak to a group in front of us and said he was from channel 4! :-O

A selection of the many pinned campaign plaques, placards and signs
We got ourselves into many shots during the afternoon and certainly got a lot of interest. A lady who used to frequent Burnage library and is now living in Oxfordshire happened to be in Manchester city centre today and signed our petition. She says she'll be watching to see how we get on. If you're reading this, thank you so much for your support! :-)

I leave you with a quote found on the side of the popup library, which pretty much sums up the longer term impact of library closure.

Need I say more.

EA (for the Save Burnage Library Campaign)

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